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Jamghe Jewelry Casting Resin For DLP 3D Printers

290 SAR

Specially designed for casting, JAMG HE Castable Resins burn cleanly to provide reliable casting for all types of models, especially jewelry.Harder than carving wax, with crisp detail and exceptional surface finish. It's low-shrinkage, high-precision printing, low water absorption during the printing process, giving you more consistent results than other castable resins on the market.

Usage:1. Shake well before use, and leave it for 30 minutes to eliminate air bubbles that generated during the shaking process.2. The product is in a liquid state with a slight odor, please wear a mask and gloves.3. Please wash the finished models printing with >95% alcohol, Clean water washable resin with water.4. The ambient temperature is recommended to be controlled at 25-30 degrees Celsius, and during the printing should avoid any lights.5. This material should not be in contact with eyes, skin or clothing, and should not be tasted or eaten.Please keep away from Children.6. If you accidentally touch your eyes or skin, immediately rinse with water for about 20 minutes and seek medical advice if necessary7. Dispose of waste in accordance with local environmental regulations.8. Please pay attention to air circulation and take protective measures when using. Wash thoroughly after handling.


Q: Will it effect the parameters setting if storage in different environments or different time?

A: The reactivity of the photocurable resin will be affected by certain temperature, the reactivity will be low in winter, and the printing time will be extended.

Q: How to store resin?

A: Store resin in a cool and dark place, recommended temperature 25-30 centi-degrees.

Q: Whether resin degrades, how long?

A: Resin can be degraded after curing, there is no specific time record at present.

Q: The detail model (ring) hole effect is not uniform with the same resin in different color to print, how to adjust?

A: Different colors have different penetration ability of light and slightly different printing time, which can be solved by adjusting exposure parameters.

Q: Are the printing parameters different with different colors? Can you give the parameters?


Printing parameters of the same material with different colors in the same machine are basically the same; 1 milliwatt power machine is recommended for the bottom 50 seconds and 8 seconds per layer.

290 SAR
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