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Jamghe High Precision Jewelry Liquid Mold Resin For LCD 3D Printers

290 SAR

JAMGHE adhere to provide our customers with world leading resin and it also owns RosH certification.

PJHC-29RY and PJHE-29RY belongs to low shrinkage resin, which with high precision prints and smooth surface.


High precision prints

Low shrinkage

High hardness(Shore D): 88D

East to make liquid mould

Non VOC, RoHS certificated

Compatible for most 3D printer

3D Printing Resin Parameter

Model numberColorPrinting parameterPJHC-29RY (LCD printer)Terra-cottabase50-100s/ layer, other 4-12s / layerPJHE-29RY (DLP printer)Terra-cottabase 10-30s / layer, others 1-6s / layer

Note: The exposure time should be adjusted according to printer light energy, layer thickness and model structure.

Technical parameter 

Flexural modulus:1.882-2.385Mpa

Elongation at break:4-10%

Flexural strength :59-70MPa

Hardness(Shore D):85—88 D

Hot deformation temp.:80℃

Glass transition temp.:100℃

Thermal expansion:95*E-6

Density:1.05—1.25 g/cm3

Volume shrinkage:3.72%-4.24%

Notched impact strength:44-49j/m

Linear shrinkage:1.05-1.35%


Tensile strength:36—52MPa

Tensile modulus:1.779—2.385 MPa

290 SAR
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