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CubicSky is a 3D Printing Materials Supplier in Saudi Arabia (C.R:4031249508), official distributor for brands Fillamentum, Siraya-Tech, Fiberlogy, eSun and SpiderMaker.

Exchange & Returns policy

Exchange & Returns policy

- in case of purchasing any goods from site and does not deliver the exact goods, or in case of delivering goods different than what been described in the purchase bill or if the goods were delivered damaged, the customer has the entire right to return or replace the goods as follows :

- Communicate with us via the website, e-mail, or direct calls within a maximum of two weeks of receiving the goods and ensure that the goods remain packaged and do not use it or remove the packaging wraps.

-incase of being sure the goods you want to return are damaged or don't match the description on the website, you will receive back all the paid fees you including the shipping costs.

- If the goods reach the customer intact of any defects and matched to the prescriptions that have been chosen by the customer - according to the purchase bill - the customer should bear the cost of shipping back and forth in case of the willingness of changing the goods we should be informed during a certain period. which is Two weeks after receiving the shipment, it has to be shipped by the same shipping co - excluding what was agreed between the client and the communicators at cubicsky. The client must be given a replacement voucher with the same value as the discarded goods.

- The customer is not entitled to claim any payment if the goods reach the customer intact from any defects and match the prescriptions chosen by the customer - according to the purchase bill - and if the customer refuses to receive them without any substantial justification.

- if the customer has any comments about the product, a request for recovery or replacement must be submitted directly, the packaging and any other parts of the order must not be opened.

-Concerning the definition of manufacturing defects of 3D printing materials, the printing process requires some training and knowledge, All variables affect design stages, settings, and the final printing outputs, Accordingly, The outcome print alone does not express the quality of the product and the printed object cannot be considered if it comes out unsatisfactory to the user as a manufacturer's defect in the printing The existence of a manufacturing flaw in printing materials can only be considered in the case of defects in the materials, such as styling, breaking in flint, or any defect that appears in the same material when it reaches the customer.