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CubicSky is a 3D Printing Materials Supplier in Saudi Arabia (C.R:4031249508), official distributor for brands Fillamentum, Siraya-Tech, Fiberlogy, eSun and SpiderMaker.

eSUN ePeek PRO 3D Filament 1.75mm, 0.25 kg, Natural

781.74 SAR

Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) is a semicrystalline thermoplastic with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance properties that are retained to high temperatures.

PEEK is regarded as one of the highest performing engineering thermoplastics. PEEK filament is used in the most demanding 3D printing applications, such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and medical industries.

Product Features

  • Industrial grade material, excellent physical properties, printed object can be used
  • directly for industrial purpose.
  • High strength, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and self-lubricating.
  • High temperature and fire resistant, excellent chemical stability.

Print Settings

  • Print Temperature: 390 - 410 ℃
  • Bed Temperature: 100 - 150 ℃
  • Print Speed: 15 - 30 mm/s
  • Chamber Temperature: 70 - 90 ℃

781.74 SAR
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